Social Labour Plan Solution

Why Pivot SLP?

Pivot Systems have joined forces with SLP4Good a company with tons of expertise in business strategy and economic development to bring you the most up to date social labour plan solution with the flexibility Pivot Systems are reputable for.

What Pivot SLP does for you:

Our social labour plan solution will help your mine calculate and keep track of your compliance to the new mining charter III B-BBEE scorecard. Calculating the scores is just one element of our new system, there are over 20 new reports that our solution will provide that includes the following:

  • Ownership Reports (community equity, mining rights etc..)
  • Procurement Reports (Goods, services, Supplier etc.. )
  • Human Resources Development Reports
  • Mine Community Development Reports
  • Employment Equity Reports (Income, Career Progression etc..)
  • House and Living Conditions Reports

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  • Manage and capture your commitments (Employment equity, House and Living Conditions etc..)
  • Provides you with an action plan platform for non compliances.
  • Overall score card (indication of your current compliance status).
  • Provides you with your DTI level of compliance.