Pivot Occupational Hygiene System(OHS)

What is OHS?

Pivot OHS is the leading electronic Occupational and Industrial Hygiene Management System, designed in conjunction with Industry’s leading professionals and consultants.
Pivot OHS is a web-based application, licensed per Business Unit with unlimited user access.

  • Monitoring Exposures (HEG & SEG’s)
  • Scheduling & Sampling
  • Calculations
  • Email notification
  • Reporting

Why implement Pivot OHS?

Why Pivot OHS?

Where occupational safety and hygiene are key to the value and operation of your business, comprehensive tracking and reporting is imperative to maintaining compliance and smooth running of operations.

Pivot OHS can give you a detailed, consolidated view of the status of hygiene and safety, while at the same time red flagging increasing risks and automating you in-house OHS auditing process.

Pivot OHS integrates with your processes while bringing industry standard measures to your OHS maintenance and reporting.
  • Identify Hazards through HIRA
  • Link site specific hazards to the HEGs or SEGs
  • Automatically generate a sampling schedule/program using statistical norms and techniques
  • Automatically calculate risk ratings as data is measured and captured into the system
  • Compare risk ratings with organizational or regulatory compliance requirements
  • Manage the OHS status of the organization by the Exposure Notification, Risk Management, Reporting, and Compliance Management tools
  • Compliance requirement changes from regulators can be easily incorporated
  • Dramatically reduce the gap between measurement and management decision
  • Maintain dynamic linkage with HR (track employee exposure by occupation over time)
  • Generate user-defined reports which may be static (monthly reports) or dynamic (data mining)
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