Pivot Medical Surveillance System(MSS)

What is Pivot MSS?

Pivot MMS is a Medical Surveillance System to make your work easier, more effective and more accurate. It's designed to aid Occupational Health Practitioners in managing medical challenges within your workplace. Pivot MSS is a web-based application with various licensing options, but importantly, with unlimited user access.

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Why implement Pivot MSS?

What Pivot MSS does for you:

Schedule & manage medicals, create Certificates of Fitness and issue Exit certificates.
Manage Occupational Illnesses within the application from the submission stage up to the compensation stage.
Gain immediate access to HEG / SEG details for all employees via the dynamic integration with PivotOHS Reporting

  • Anticipate, evaluate, report and control medical issues
  • Standardize medical surveillance for multi-site operations
  • Managing the scheduling and notifications automatically based on your exposure profile
  • Create Certificates of Fitness and issue Exit certificates
  • Retention of medical records within legislative parameters
  • Minimize the medical paper trail
  • Manage Doctor Referral forms and results
  • Automatically generate standard calculations such as Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Speed up medical turnaround time by seamless interface with industry standard medical testing equipment
  • Attach external medical documents to a patient’s profile
  • Manage clinic capacity
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