Incident Management

PivotSMS includes an Incident Reporting tool for easy reporting of initial incidents.

All Incidents are managed from Incident management module. Incidents can be reported in all the Risk Disciplines Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality and Radiation

Inc process

  • Customizable option for major or minor incidents
  • Built in SCAT as well as Root Cause analysis procedures for minor and major Incidents
  • Automatically triggered SAMRASS forms as per Injury classifications (Fatal, LTI, Reportable, Dressing)
  • Deliver non-conformances / incidents to relevant line managers based on originating work area
  • Manage status of incidents and the associated responsible person via the control panel
  • Built in reporting of DME required reports (SAMRASS 1-9, 11.5 Health & hygiene)
  • Controlled Sign off process