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The Pivot System

What is the Pivot System?

The Pivot System is a management system that has been developed by a consolidated team of young professionals specializing in business information systems solutions, systems integration and software development.

We have provided user specific solutions to a myriad of users ranging from ISO14001 systems, ISO9001 systems, OSHAS18001 (Health and Safety) systems, Occupational Hygiene systems, Medical Surveillance systems,  Software

Development and Customisation, System Installation, Data Conversion, Data Flow Interpretation, System Review, Database Management, DBA and Solutions Provision.

Flexibility of the Pivot System.

Whether you are only using one management system, or a combination of more systems, Pivot Systems provides an easy to use system which will eliminate duplication of processes and procedures, and ensure easy navigation through the documents, processes and procedures.

Pivot Suit can be bought as a whole application that includes Medical, OHS, Radiation and SAfety solutions, Dataviewer etc. or to suit smaller companies solutions can be bought seperately or even by modules for example: Risk & Audit, Incident Management, Inspections etc.

What We Offer:
  • Off-the-shelf SHERQ applications (the Pivot Suite)
  • Development of Integrated Systems and Applications
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) customization and development
  • All our solutions and modules can be viewed here.
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