Environmental Management System (EMS)

What is EMS?
PivotEMS is an electronic Environmental Management System (EMS) which is helps companies manage environmental challenges in accordance with ISO14001 requirements. PivotEMS is a web-based application, licensed per Business Unit with unlimited user access.
  • Anticipate, evaluate, control and report on impacts that affect the environment
  • Identify activities & aspects and rate the impacts they have on the environment
  • Rank impacts using an easy-to-use matrix which evaluates significance
  • Setup Environmental Management Plan to mitigate key impacts
  • Track and Manage Objectives using Action Manager
  • Manage your organisations relationship and communication with surrounding communities
  • Manage Stakeholder issues and appraisal automatically via a tracking system
  • Manage overdue EMP, Incident, Audit, Stakeholder actions via email notification
  • Maintain valuable company environmental data in an on-site data storage facility 
  • Automatically maintain and update employee positions and email addresses via dynamic linkages with HR
  • Automatically download Audit results into PIVOT for analysis
  • Comprehensively report on all aspects of your ISO14001 system
  • Display results of environmental monitoring spatially via powerful GIS functionality
  • Query PivotEMS for your ISO14001 system trends, analysis and management

Product Overview

EMS product overview