Pivot DataViewer

Pivot Dataviewer?

Pivot Data Viewer (Data Viewer System) is a powerful yet easy-to-use data mining tool which allows Pivot users to query, trend and filter Pivot data. It allows you to access specific information without going through front end screens. This gives you a quick and relevant dash-board view of the state and trends in your business or site in real time.

Why Pivot Dataviewer?

Pivot Data Viewer helps you unlock the value in your data. The data that you collect daily can be used in many more effective ways to provide you with information that can make your processes more effective, to improve response times, and to expose gaps which would otherwise be difficult to evaluate.

All Pivot Data Viewer reports are read-only, thus ensuring that your original data is secure, and multiple reports drawn from the same data do not interfere with one-another. But you can also export the filtered data / report to MS Excel.

  • Easily filter data in familier spreadsheet format with the click of a mouse.
  • Field specific filter options
  • Export filtered data to MS Excel™ for further analysis
  • Intergrated data analysis across tables
  • Configure your own tables