Covid-19 Module

Why Pivot COVID-19 Module

The Pivot COVID-19 Module is an exam that can help you assess the impact of the virus on your mine. Pivot systems flexibility allows this module to be integrated into our existing medical system or be bought as a stand alone solution.

What Pivot COVID-19 Module does for you:

It ensures the right procedures is followed when examining a patient and provides suggested actions to follow. Take a look at its key Features below

  • Capture basic client details (including household details).
  • Capture consultation method and what it is related too.
  • Capture exposure and treatment history.
  • Capture Patient symptoms.
  • Capture examination and Patient Chronic Conditions
  • Provide Test Protocols
  • Capture basic details of all persons in contact with positive patient.
  • Notifications to DOH & NICD
  • Provide the user with a PUI Category