Audits & Inspections

What is Pivot Audits module

The Audits is a module that is used for managing the whole audit process. Capture and manage your audits from a central location, which enables the user to have access to effective reports that are able to assist in management decisions.

  • Setup Audit questions in advance
  • Audits scheduling for future dates
  • Capturing Audit Findings including potential hazards and impacts as well as root causes
  • Audit Actions as well as Root Cause Analysis on the finding.
  • Keep track of all audits across multiple Business Units or on a single site from one central point
  • Management of internal and external audits...
  • Have the historical and future audit data available
  • Ensure that potential issues are identified and dealt with effectively before problems arise
  • Effective Action management...
  • Reporting

PivotSMS includes an Inspections module.

Inspections can be setup beforehand and allow the user to complete Inspection easily in all Risk Disciplines areas Safety, Health, Environmental, Quality and Radiation

  •  Inspection Templates (ISO Standards)
  •  Weighting of questions
  •  Identifications of hazards/Critical failures
  •  Fatal Risk Management
  •  Compliance / Condition rating
  •  Follow up & closure of actionable items
  •  Reporting